Who are we?


Le Petit Café chez Denise is above all the friendly place where people come for the quality of the breakfasts, which are always plentiful, the mountains of fresh fruit accompanied by a coffee made with a unique grind, tested and approved by regular customers. , or a specialized Nespresso coffee.


In the afternoon, maybe you want a good beer and nachos well installed on one of the largest terraces in Saint-Sauveur …

In the evening, the atmosphere becomes more subdued, the menu more refined and we invite you to discover our selection of wines from private and non-imported imports, at affordable prices. On Friday evening, a duo of musicians accompany you throughout the evening.

The team at the Petit Café chez Denise makes sure to offer you a quality meal at an affordable price, whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner, in a friendly, friendly atmosphere that is conducive to pleasures with friends.


The evening menu was created by the team Au petit café. In the dining room, Emmanuelle and her colleagues will make sure you don’t miss anything.
Benoit, one of the very charismatic owners, will probably come to see you, to chat a little, take your comments and make sure you are satisfied with your meal or the service.

Looking forward to meeting you or seeing you again. See you soon !

The team Petit Café chez Denise